TYPE: Architectural, Experiential, Installation, Art Direction


Client: SFX, T-Mobile


Role: Designer & Fabrication


Location: Atlanta, GA


Year Completed: 2014

     Created for the T-Mobile #MusicFreedom Sonic Garden, these "Seed Pods" were designed to be the ultimate chill spot at the entire TomorrowWorld 2014 music festival. Counting five pods in total, this project required a rapid fire turnaround. Designed, machined, painted and palletized in Los Angeles then shipped to Atlanta, the Sonic Garden / Seed Pods project was an education in installation logistics. Flat pack design allowed us to fly through the planning and pre build phases here in LA - once delivered on site in Atlanta, the Seed Pods were bracketed and bolted into place immediately taking shape. Encircling lounge furniture with a magenta framework, we applied silk foliage and ambient lights to complete the Sonic Garden look and feel within the overall aesthetic of the TomorrowWorld music festival. The Sonic Garden came to life with the steady beat of local and "up and coming" DJ's. It was the spot to take a load off and recharge during the festival.